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1031 Exchanges

Not all property owners want to sell their investment property and pocket the cash. Many investors want to re-invest and take advantage of favorable tax laws that support their objectives by using a 1031 Deferred Tax Exchange. This strategy not only can save hundreds of thousands in taxes, it can also increase your tax basis by allowing you, the investor, to continue depreciating an upgraded asset.



At First Commercial Enterprise Realty, Inc. we have helped our clients over the past 29 years find and reinvest their capital gain profits without paying a penny in taxes. We do this by honing our skills and expertise in first maximizing your profits on the sell side and then finding you the best possible deal in the marketplace for reinvestment. All without paying taxes by exercising the rules the IRS has made available to every investor in America. Some of the deals we find for our clients are overlooked or off-market opportunities that the average investor or broker can’t spot. We do this by looking through the details and market studies and contacting potential sellers to see if we can structure a deal exclusively for them. We also make sure that your choice of exchange provider (accommodator) keeps you informed of important deadlines.



If you would like to maximize your profits on the front-end to use for a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, please call us at 562-424-1300 or 714-588-1880 for a Free personal consultation and market evaluation of your property.



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