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1. Beware of these common SCAMS! Safety Tips when transferring money during real estate transactions or for other reasons:


2. Guidelines for Real Estate Best Practices During COVID-19:

3. Local Real Estate COVID-19 Directives:

4. Strategies for collecting rent during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

5. What you need to know about Eviction Moratoriums on the Federal, State, and Local levels so you won't end up paying your tenants vs them paying you in the future:

6. To Request a copy of your Title Deed showing you the current ownership on your property, click the link below and complete the form and it's yours FREE of charge. Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino  Counties only at this time. Request it here:

7.  Vesting: The Ways to Hold Title. Get a FREE Copy here:

8.  California AB 3088 Extends Tenant Eviction Prohibition with Exception!

9.  Seismic Gas Shut-Off Valve Requirements City of Los Angeles:

10. Estoppel Certificates and Why They Are Important!

Disclaimer: Some of the information provided on these pages were taken from various sources. First Commercial Enterprise Realty Inc. or any of its principals assumes no liability for the reliance and accuracy of the information provided herein. It is provided for informational purposes only. Clients or visitors to this website should seek independent professional legal, financial, and tax advise from their representatives and they should conduct their own due diligence before taking any action.

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