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Eviction Moratoriums Around the State of California

If you are a landlord with rental property and want to know more about the status of eviction laws on the Federal, State, and City (local) levels that are affecting your property, then click the following red PDF button below to find out more. It's different from city to city and may be stricter than Covid-19 Federal and State evictions laws. The stricter laws applies. Remember, the laws applies where your property is located, not where you live. Click on the PDF icon to open and download a copy. 

NOTE: If you want to print out a copy, download it, save it, and print it. Scale it down to 58% in the printer dialog box just before printing and the entire sheet will be visible.

One more thing:  Here is another useful interactive tool that is published by the Los Angeles Times that provides interactive updates on the four (4) phases of reopening the economy by counties. A pretty cool and useful tool and is updated as things changes. Click on the link below to see it and to keep track when certain types of business are allowed to reopen. Go to :

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page were taken from various sources. First Commercial Enterprise Realty Inc. or any of its principals assumes no liability for the reliance and accuracy of the information provided herein. It is provided for informational purposes only. Clients or visitors to this website should seek independent professional legal, financial, and tax advise from their representatives and they should conduct their own due diligence before taking any action.

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