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Our retail Tenant Representation specialist provide state of the art market research, demographics and implementation of proven processes to insure that tenants get the best terms and conditions either in the leasing or acquisition of retail facilities. And, oddly enough, their dual experience as both owner and landlord representatives, make them uniquely qualified to leverage that perspective in providing tenant representation services. In short, they have “read the owners book” and know how to skillfully negotiate through the complexities of a retail transaction.


Our retail Project Leasing assignments include a wide range property types and we understand that each transaction is as unique and distinctive as the retail commercial real estate market itself. The retail team understands that each owner has individual needs and goals that are specific to their project and must be adhered to in order to attract and retain the right clientele. Our team works with ownership to identify and implement the best strategies and market approach to get space leased. The retail team also offers a comprehensive array of services including marketing, design, demographics and market research for leasing properties whether it is a prominent power center or a “one off” retail strip. Our Project Leasing specialists are supported by an innovative and state-of-the-art research and marketing team. Our Retail Services include:


  • Retail Acquisitions

  • Retail Dispositions (including Subleasing or Excess Property Sales)

  • Project Leasing

  • Tenant Representation

  • Development

  • Consulting

  • State-of-the-art Demographic Mapping & Analysis

  • Trade Area Analysis & Ranking

  • Market Penetration Studies

  • MSA Ranking & Analysis

  • Transaction Management

  • Competition Analysis




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